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Office365 webmail only header shows


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By accessing email from Office365 ( page has an e-mail that your body is not being displayed, showing only the message header. But he usually appears intenret Explorer. Following is the text that should be displayed in Mozilla Firefox:
To be honest, I expect this is a bug in office365 (if Firefox routinely had bits of websites and emails go missing all over the place, we would have heard before now), and especially without a copy of the email (but even if we did have one; who knows if it's related to the account or the language he's using office in, or the level of subscription to the service, or...), I suspect it's impossible to reproduce. 

My Brazilian Portuguese is non-existent, but even I can tell the reporter in that SuMO thread is (quite understandably and rightly) frustrated. While there are steps we could use to figure out in more detail what's going on, it'd still likely be an office365 issue that we can't solve for him. Not sure how to proceed. :-(
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