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add browser, browser_version, browser_platform to analyzer csv download


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(Whiteboard: u=analyzer c=data p= s=input.2014q4)

The analyzers have the ability to do a csv download of responses from Input in the analyzer search view.

This bug covers adding three more fields to that csv download: browser, browser_version and browser_platform.
Whiteboard: u=analyzer c=data p= s=input.adam
Retro-actively marking myself as a mentor.

Also, comment #1 should have been for bug #1087394--not this bug. This bug hasn't been worked on, yet.
Mentor: willkg
Undoing the mentor flag. Adam's an OPW intern. After discussing with r1cky, we think that's not not quite what the mentor flag is for.
Mentor: willkg
Pretty sure this is similar to bug #1087395, but there are two things that make working on this a little harder.

First, your user needs to be in the analyzer's group.

1.  Log into input with the persona identity you used to create a super user account when you set up the Vagrant vm.

2. On the front page of Input, in the upper right hand corner, you'll see an "Admin" link. If that's not there, then you didn't set this account up as a superuser.

If you need to create a new superuser, there's some documentation for that here:

3. You should be in the Admin section now. Click on "Users".

4. Do a search for your user account. Then click on it to get the details.

5. Down the page there's a section called "Groups". Make sure "Analyzers" is in the right-most box. The right-most box is the list of groups you're in.

6. Go back to the Input front page. There should be an "Analytics" link now in the top navbar. Click on that.

7. On the left side, click on "Search".

8. Now you should see the "CSV Export" link. It's at the top of the main section right under some red text that talks about confidentiality.

Clicking on that link does a csv download. That's the thing we need to fix.

The code that makes that work is in fjord/analytics/ in the _analytics_search_export function. It uses Response.get_export_keys() classmethod to know what data to put in each row of the CSV export. The Response model code is in fjord/feedback/ . Find the get_export_keys() classmethod and modify it and we should be all set.

Make the changes and do manual testing to make sure it works and that should cover everything.
Landed in

Pushed to prod just now. Thank you!
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Whiteboard: u=analyzer c=data p= s=input.adam → u=analyzer c=data p= s=input.2014q4
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