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Open Web Location doesn't respond to keyboard if there's selected content in its textfield


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found this using 2001.11.06.12-comm bits on linux [rh6.2] and 2001.11.06.08-comm
bits on mac os 10.1. oddly, this is *not* a problem on winNT [2001.11.06.12-comm].

bryner, not sure if you have a bug for this [or if someone else does]...

1. bring up the Open Web Location dialog [File > Open Web Location], and make
sure that there's is content which is selected in its textfield. [you may need
to actually open a url with this dialog, then bring it up again to get to this
2. try to type, hit Tab, Esc or Enter.

result: nothing happens. you need to mouse-click to activate focus.

not sure if it's limited to this dialog. not a problem with Find. or, perhaps
something funky about having the contents selected in an autocomplete widget?
not sure about that, since the keyboard responds fine after selecting the urlbar...
possible to fix this soon?
Keywords: mozilla0.9.6
I am seeing this also on this last 2 weeks on Solaris Sparcbuilds using the
Forte compiler with -O and -xO2 and -xO4 optimizations.

Timeless seems to think this lies in hewitts <dialog/> code
works for me on windows, hinting that this isn't a problem in the XP dialog or
autocomplete code.
related: bug 57507, bug 104003, bug 110469
I'm having this problem with 0.9.6 on linux.  This is especially a problem
because there is no 'clear' button like there was in netscape 4.7x.  If I want
to paste a url I used to have to open the window, hit the delete key, then paste
with the mouse button.  But now I need to highlight the old text to delete it,
which destroys the clipboard contents.

Even if this bug is fixed I think there should still be a clear button.  Should
I file a seperate RFE?
This bug really needs to get some priority, it is apparently affecting all Unix
platforms, I recommend at least getting a 0.9.7 + target
*** Bug 110436 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Pulling into 0.9.7, this is a fairly severe keyboard navigation problem.
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla0.9.7
*** Bug 104003 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
could bug 57507 be related?
*** Bug 112823 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
*** Bug 112845 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
also related: bug 87946, bug 89106
*** Bug 113137 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
On linux, what seems to be happening is that the focused element is set on the
focus controller for the dialog, but we never get an activate event for the
dialog, so keyboard focus never ends up there.  Still investigating.
Ok, patch coming up.  We ned to figure out exactly why the check was added to
only focus the window if the focus controller already has a focused window.
Attached patch patch v1.0 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
saari, can you give this a spin on mac and see if anything obviously breaks?
Attached patch patch v2.0Splinter Review
This patch makes two changes to how activate events work on GTK:

- NS_ACTIVATE is dispatched when a toplevel receives focus from
HandleMozAreaFocusIn().  This is how it works on win32.  Activate events are no
longer dispatched from SetFocus(), since it will have already been dispatched
if the user gave the window focus, and we don't allow a different toplevel
window to take focus via a call to SetFocus().

- Added GTK to the #ifdef in nsWebShellWindow so that sending the activate
actually does something.
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How's this going?  I'm keen to see it fixed for 0.9.7.

r/sr=blizzard.  Let's take it for a spin!
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patch v2.0

Attachment #60913 - Flags: review+
checked in.
Closed: 23 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
*** Bug 115097 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
Just tried again with 2001121606 - works fine again.  Good work. ---> VERIFIED
Since bug 104003 was marked as a dup of this, I'm reopening the bug as I still
see the behaviour described in 104003's description.  On startup, if the
Navigation toolbar is hidden, Ctrl-Shift-L still doesn't work until I click to
give the display area focus.

CVS pull as of:
checkout start: Sun Dec 16 12:42:55 PST 2001
checkout finish: Sun Dec 16 12:56:51 PST 2001

gcc-2.95.2 Debian/potato Linux 2.4.16, glibc-2.1.3 (against 2.2.19's headers).
Resolution: FIXED → ---
That's not at all the same bug.  This bug is about not being able to type once
the open web location dialog appears.  I'm un-duping 104003.
Closed: 23 years ago23 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
vrfy fixed, using comm bits [2002.01.07.0x] on linux rh7.2.
Component: Keyboard: Navigation → User events and focus handling
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