Add some basic tests for video controls and video playback

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videocontrols-test v0.1

This test uses some ideas I found in a Desktop test:

We load a WEBM video (although OGG could be used too) into a <video> element. Check it's state, start playback, check it's state, pause it, check it's state and then grab a video frame. We do a rudimentary pixel test on the video frame to test that something actually was displayed in the video element.

See notes in the test about slight color shifts when grabbing the frame and the fuzzy testing.
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videocontrols-test v0.1

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I like this. I'm surprised you need that much fuzzing on the image colors, though.
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We'll want to add MP4 eventually. Currently we have no devices that can run it. :(
Try run is green:

(Search for testVideoControls)

The good news seems to be that the colors are exactly right on Test Automation. Maybe they only get fuzzy on the Samsung hardware I am using locally? I any case, I am still OK with fuzzing to get local runs to pass.
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> Backed out in
> for rc4 orange:

Actually, this test is working:

16:37:43 INFO - testVideoControls.js | Color at (45, 10): {"r":0,"g":0,"b":0,"a":0} 
16:37:43 WARNING - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | testVideoControls | testVideoControls.js - Bar 1 is white - See following stack: 

The colors mean that the video frame is black, not white. The video is not rendering.
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> Backed out in
> for rc4 orange:

Also, you didn't mention this was Android 2.3 only. The test is passing on Android 4 runs.
Re-landed with the tests disabled for Android 2.3

Some tests are better than no tests
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> Finkle for friends of the tree please.

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