[UX] Design Spike: Create a plan for tab/url sharing/pushing/streaming




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There are many things competing for »sharing« terminology at the moment:
- Share via email
- Social API / Share panel
- Push to device
- Send to other screen
- Device sharing permissions
- Screen sharing (e.g. via loop)
and probably others.

Some of them might be well enough differentiated by context, but we still need to take a holistic look at this issue.
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Summary: [UX] Design Spike: Create a plan for tab/url sharing → [UX] Design Spike: Create a plan for tab/url sharing/pushing/streaming
There's also the "mirroring" case - Gemma can you add your research here.
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Whiteboard notes from a discussion about sharing cases in Firefox.

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3 years ago
Mirror Tab Study (October 2014)

=== Key Findings ===

Cast vs. Mirror: A draw.
Before being introduced to the phrase “Mirror Tab” in this study, participants were fairly evenly divided between “Cast” and “Mirror” as the preferred descriptor for the action of, “Making a website on my Android device appear on my TV.” In addition, a review of current vocabulary used by major brands in the streaming device market reveals that “mirror” is the dominant term, with brands like Amazon, Apple, and Roku with Android using the term. 

Tab: Not a popular term.
When referring to the content that they were trying to get to display on their TV, none of the participants used the term “Tab” without hearing it first. The most popular term was “Screen.” However, when participants saw the phrase “Mirror Tab” they understood what this meant.

Familiarity: Vocabulary is influenced by streaming device ownership.
Participants that used Chromecast were strongly influenced by the language used with this product. As Google’s streaming device market share grows, especially in non-English-speaking countries, “Cast” could become the industry standard. 

Analogy: “Mirror” is a clear reference. 
While participants chose a variety of terms to describe the action of mirroring mobile browser content to their TV, every participant recognized the phrase “Mirror Tab” as the option they were looking for during this study. Based on participant comments, the analogy of “mirroring” content to another device was clear to most users. 

Navigation: Confused paths.
Participants were all over the map as they attempted to mirror their mobile browser content to a their TV. Chromecast users are accustomed to simply opening their Chromecasting app to perform this action. For many users, the “Send Tab to Device” menu option was very confusing in this context. 

=== Mirror Tab Vocabulary Study Documentation ===

-Final Written Report: https://docs.google.com/a/mozilla.com/document/d/1y1H4r73M99z_05iVM1upReVzwYavvwLeCFyUcNythxA/edit?usp=sharing

-Current Vocabulary Overview: https://docs.google.com/a/mozilla.com/presentation/d/1GPxitYEsSz1RZdbPkip6Fzmfld__bhP6vaRe7ELYkcE/edit?usp=sharing

-Spreadsheet with notes by task for each participant: https://docs.google.com/a/mozilla.com/spreadsheets/d/16k88tHuOFpYAYvtVr9vYS7N_gsIXrVKiQ6JeZvHmUcU/edit?usp=sharing

-User testing videos: Contact Gemma for access.
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Mirror Tab Study bug, for reference: Bug 1088333


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Iteration: 36.2 → 36.3


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Iteration: 36.3 → 37.1

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After discussing with Philipp, we're marking this resolved, with the plan to file additional, more atomic bugs to flesh out individual components of the task continuity UI.
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