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Archiving messages from sent folder ignores archiving options


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Steps to reproduce:

Clicked on a message under My IMAP Mail Account - Inbox - Sent.  Selected menu item Message - Archive.

Actual results:

Message moved into a year-based archive folder within the IMAP account:  My IMAP Mail Account - Inbox - Archives - 2013.

Expected results:

Message should have moved into a month-based archive folder under Local Folders:  Local Folders - Archives - 2013-02, as specified in the Account Settings for *this* IMAP account (Copies & Folders - Message Archives - Keep message archives in "Local Folders" and the corresponding Archive Options - When archiving messages, place them in "Monthly archived folders").

This does not appear to be a bug, but rather a feature missing more specific documentation.

The archiving options (granularity) can be set per account identity. If an email account has multiple identities (e.g. to work with email aliases), the archiving options can be set individually for each identity. If they are not congruent, Thunderbird seems to apply the archiving granularity setting based on the email address a message was sent to. In order to achieve overall congruent behaviour, the archiving option setting has to be the same for each identity: Tools > Account Settings > Main page > Manage Identities > [Select additional identity for account] > Edit > Copies & Folders > Archive options

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