The list of supported properties in the computed-view should be resolved on the server-side




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4 years ago
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4 years ago

This is what the computed-view uses to determine the list of css properties the current target supports.
It does this by accessing the computed-style of a documentElement object on the toolbox-side.

This means that the list of supported properties will always be the list of properties the "client-side" supports (i.e. the toolbox), not the list of properties the current target supports.

This is especially a problem when debugging ios/chrome devices/browsers through the VALENCE addon. But I can imagine this being a problem too when debugging another gecko version (via remote connection).

We should make this code execute remotely, on the target instead.

However (and I haven't really taken the time to confirm this yet) it seems to me that we could skip this step altogether, by refactoring a little bit the way the computed-view works by only displaying the properties returned by the server when calling 'getComputed'.
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Patrick, computed-view.js does not exist anymore. Is this still an issue ?
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2 years ago
Yes this is still an issue. The code was moved around, that's all.
The computed-view now lives here:

In particular, the list of existing properties is computed here:

This should be done server-side because this depends on the engine currently rendering the page.
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