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Remove ancient and unused Perl scripts


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By my count we currently have 94 Perl scripts in the repo. Some of them are imported third-party code, some of them are still useful, but some of them are unused. This bug is about eliminating the latter category. was added in 2001 as part of the "Neck [sic?] Page Load Timer".
It hasn't been touched since then, and I suspect it's unused.
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roc says this is unused.
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build/unix/ is a script that prints its given arguments with duplicates
removed. Almost trivial, but implemented in surprisingly many lines of Perl.
(To be fair, it implements some options that we no longer need.)

This patch:

- Reimplements the script as a Python almost-one-liner.
- Removes the test, which IMO is unnecessary for something so simple. (The test
  was also surprisingly many lines.)

- Removes the corresponding test harness, which contained just this one test.

 8 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 385 deletions(-)


One thing to note is that doesn't preserve the original ordering, and I
think did. But that doesn't seem to matter.
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Reimplement build/unix/ in Python, and remove its unit test

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Wow. Just wow.
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> By my count we currently have 94 Perl scripts in the repo.

Er, make that 97.
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Improve the comments in both scripts

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Remove, which is ancient and unused

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Depends on: 1089832
Depends on: 969985
Duplicate of this bug: 1089843
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Remove config/, which is ancient and unused

Your patch is empty, and it's also bug 1089855
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Depends on: 1089855
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Remove netwerk/test/, which is ancient and unused

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please also remove PageList.txt which is the script's old input
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I over-counted initially. We're down to 88 now.
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