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Use Desktop theme colors for Email window default background color instead of white


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Thunderbird uses a white background color for its Email window by default until an Email has been loaded and loading an email with my slow internet connection can take some seconds.

The email window is the only white area in Thunderbird when you use a dark desktop theme like I do. The flashing white background is kind of annoying while I go through my emails.

A dark background color like specified in my desktop theme would be more comfy.

If you don't know what I mean, see the attachment screenshot.

Have you tried setting the background color through Preferences / Display / Formatting / Colors... either by setting the color of "background" or by ticking "Use system colors"?
"Use system colors" is ticked.
Okay, can you try to untick the "Use system colors" and set the background color?
A dark background color seems to work. There is no more flashing white background when going through my emails. Thanks!
Severity: normal → S3
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