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Focus remote tab when chosen from tab list


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If you choose a tab from the tab list that is not actually selected in the browser, we don't yet focus it.  Also, it could be a zombie, so you can't really debug until it is focused anyway.

We already focus apps on select, so we should do the same for tabs.
A zombie?
(In reply to Paul Rouget [:paul] (slow to respond. Ping me on IRC) from comment #1)
> A zombie?

Maybe it's a Fennec-specific term at Mozilla...  The real tab is closed and history is saved to session store to save memory, and replaced with a fake / "zombie" tab[1] that just has title and URL.  If it's selected again, it can be "revived" (I am guessing this is the "zombie" part) back into a real tab.

Blocks: dbg-remote
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