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Move selectionchange code in nsGlobalWindow::UpdateCommands


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Bug 987040 made an unnecessary api change here and added code that doesn't have anything to do with updating commands. This should be undone and the code moved elsewhere.
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Hi, I'd like to take this on as my first bug assuming its still valid.

From what I can see the affected code is here:

Can you give an explanation of the intended function of this code and the intended function of the code to be moved?
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Hi Jamie, thanks for taking this on. Some of the work for this has already been done in another bug. The remaining work is fairly simple:

1. Remove the two unused arguments from nsGlobalWindow::UpdateCommands.
2. Remove the check that looks for "selectionchange" within this method.
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v1 Remove checks from UpdateCommands

>diff --git a/dom/interfaces/base/nsIDOMWindow.idl b/dom/interfaces/base/nsIDOMWindow.idl
>   // XXX Should this be in nsIDOMChromeWindow?
>-  void                      updateCommands(in DOMString action,
>-                                           [optional] in nsISelection sel,
>-                                           [optional] in short reason);
>+  void                      updateCommands(in DOMString action);

You'll need to change the uuid on the interface when the interface is changed. See

Otherwise this looks good.
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Updated UUID in idl file
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Was this patch ready to land? Looks like this got stalled after being r+'d.
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Yes, it should be ok, but we likely will need an updated patch.
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