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The Quality Assurance team is in the process of creating its very own MDN Zone. The team wants to be able to customize the Community Information Box to reflect its own online presence.
At the moment, the Community Information Box doesn't provide the flexibility to 
1. remove Stack Overflow
2. provide own Twitter account (@mozillaqa - follow us!)
3. modify the RSS feed to be that of our own blog and not the Google Group's

Basically every parameter in the Community Information Box should be modifiable as follows:
1. show it with its default value
2. show it but override the default value
3. hide it
4. add a new parameter with a specified value (like blog, irc channel) (Here, I mean display as light blue button and not its country cousin, the white link in the neglected corner.)

Please also modify the style guide to allow us to place the Community Information Box at the top of the page as well as the bottom. Young people today don't always scroll to the bottom.

This is what the QA CommunityBox macro looks like today:

<p>{{CommunityBox("Quality Assurance", "dev-quality", "", "qa", "Twitter||@mozillaqa||Blog||")}}</p>
<p><span class="alllinks"><a href="/en-US/docs/tag/QA" title="en-US/docs/tag/QA">View all documents tagged QA</a></span></p>
<p><span class="alllinks"><a href="/en-US/docs/tag/QA:Tools" title="en-US/docs/tag/QA:Tools">View all documents tagged QA:Tools</a></span></p>
This is what the QA CommunityBox macro looks like today:

{{CommunityBox("Quality Assurance", "dev-quality", "", "qa", "Twitter||@mozillaqa||Blog||")}}

Please ignore earlier HTML tag soup.

The MDN QA Zone is here:

Comment 2

5 years ago
There are some issues here:

1. The DiscussionList macro has at some point been updated to include a Twitter link by hard-coding in the macro a cheesy guessing of the Twitter handle to use based on the specified mailing list name. This needs to be changed to not add Twitter to the list; it's not a discussion list. If it's insisted-upon that Twitter remain here, it needs to be specified as a parameter instead of added automatically like this, since it's usually wrong.

2. We need to be sure that anything that is not wanted in the box can be left out by specifying null and/or an empty string.

I don't think we will allow other "light blue" buttons to be added, as those are intended to be reserved for discussion list links. This was a conscious decision a while back. If there's a good reason to consider changing this, let me know.

I'm not sure what I think of adding the box to the top as well as the bottom but we can try it and see how it goes.

I will look at this stuff in the morning.

Comment 3

5 years ago
Okay, I've updated the DiscussionList macro to accept as parameters a Twitter handle and a Stack Overflow tag; both are optional. These get added to the button list as requested (I changed my mind on whether or not this is the right answer).

I then ripped out the code that added these buttons if you were looking at specific pages.

CommunityBox has been updated to accept these values and pass them through. And the page in question in this bug has had its call to CommunityBox updated to specify its requested Twitter ID.

I've also updated a number of other pages to pass the Twitter and Stack Overflow information to these macros. I think this is now fixed.
Closed: 5 years ago
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