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Provide an icon for the toolbar to activate/deactivate the devtools panel


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1067337 +++

Original comment from Pascal:

AFAIK, There is no easy way to activate the devtools panel, you either use the keyboard (CTRL+SHIFT+I) or you go though the menus/submenus (click on hamburger menu, then on development icon then on devtools menu item).

I think those are fine defaults for end users to avoid them opening devtools and be confused, but for webdevs, there should be the possibility to add a toggle icon for the devtools in the main toolbar, just like Firebug and Web developer add-ons do.

Note that if I am testing on a tablet, the keyboard shortcut is also not an option.

Webdevs are also web users, so there should be an easy way to switch between surfing mode and devtools mode.


We had to clone this bug because we got sidetracked with a dev edition specific feature in bug 1067337.

Summary of the situation:

If we add a toggle button, what happens with the developer menu?

Do we want to build a menubutton (like the bookmark button)? See attachment 8509705 [details]. It's apparently complicated to do. See bug 1067337 comment 9.

We could just make the devtools button toggle the toolbox, but then we lose easy access to a couple of features. See bug 1067337 comments 28 to 36.
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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