Aotf - blue led turns off on 99% charging



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3 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

Alcatel Otf with Os 1.3 Firmware 01015b: loading battery

Actual results:

At 99 % blue led in the top left corner turns off. The green battery symbol in the status bar is not full. Under settings - battery is displayed: 99% charging. After another 5 min. of charging battery a message scrolls down from the top of the touchscreen. Battery loaded please remove plug form the wall. Settings battery indicate: 100% charged. Green battery symbol in status bar is now also full.

Expected results:

Blue led in the top left corner turns out at fully re-charged battery

Comment 1

3 years ago
Update: the above described additional 5 min of loading are in fact 30 or more minutes. I think this explains the bug 1090882: user unplugs phone when blue led turns off (99%) regularly and da
mages this way the battery (memory effect?)
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