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Allow debugging gtests via mach


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Running gtests under a debugger is kind of a pain since there's all these hidden env variables and stuff that happens under the hood when you run |mach gtest|. I would like to add a --debug option to the gtest command so that it automatically runs the exact same thing but under the debugger.
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Someone else needs to review the mozdebug patch, as I'm not a peer there. You'd have to look at commit history to see who a peer is.
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Sorry for the review delay.

I think we should drop the mozdebug part of this patch and just leave that junk in the gtest command for now. I hate everything about the gtest mach command, it needs to die and just call into At that point we can just pass the debug_args right into mozrunner which is what all the other harnesses do.

::: python/mozbuild/mozbuild/
@@ +653,5 @@
> +    @CommandArgument('--debug', action='store_true', group='debugging',
> +        help='Enable the debugger. Not specifying a --debugger option will result in the default debugger being used. The following arguments have no effect without this.')
> +    @CommandArgument('--debugger', default=None, type=str, group='debugging',
> +        help='Name of debugger to use.')
> +    @CommandArgument('--debugparams', default=None, metavar='params', type=str,

This sucks, in that all the other test harnesses call it --debugger-args:

...but I guess mach run calls it debugparams? I'd go with consistency with the other testing commands for now, maybe we can change mach run to match even though breaking people's expectations sucks.
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