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Steps to reproduce:

Wanted to change the status of a bug at the buttom of the page next to the "save comment" button.

Actual results:

I had to struggle with the highly unintuitive names of bug status (pl.) (which are difficult to change apparently) and chose a wrong one or have to search in $SEARCH_ENGINE in order to find description of status. This is important because:

  * WORKSFORME: is chosen after a compromise is chosen in the bug report and the reporter is convinced that the feature requested is too difficult to implement (In reality is used for a replacement to indicate that the bug is fixed when reporter doesn't have privileges to set it to fixed, the idea behind is explained in
  * FIXED: is only applied if code changes occured (which doesn't correspond to the intuitive use of the word "fixed")

Expected results:

If such unintuitive descriptions and definitions are used it is crucial to make them available right next to the place where they are mostly used, which is the status change drop down menu(s).

This might depend on a bugzilla bug, of course.
emma, I would like you to weigh in on this bug.
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I'm not sure what the best way to provide help on those values, but I agree it would help.
Flags: needinfo?(ehumphries)
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