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Add automated test for customized toolbar after restart


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1 Launch Firefox.
2 Press the menu button and choose "Customize".
 > The Customize window is opened.
3 Drag at least 3 new items from the palette or menu panel and drop them onto the Navigation toolbar.
 > All the items are added onto the Navigation toolbar.
4 Remove a couple of the items added in Step 3 and add a few to the tab bar.
 > The items are properly removed from the Navigation toolbar and successfully added to the tab bar.
5 Exit Customize.
 > The changes are applied.
6 Restart the browser.
 > Browser is restarted and the previously made customizations are in place.
7 Enable the Bookmarks Toolbar by clicking on the bookmarks button next to the star icon and choosing "Bookmarks Toolbar" > "View Bookmarks Toolbar".
 > The Bookmarks Toolbar is enabled.
8 Press the menu button again and choose "Customize".
9 Press the "Restore Defaults" button and then the "Exit Customize" button.
 > Firefox resets to the initial state (no toolbars and only default Navigation items).

This needs to restart so it's a mozmill tests.
For mozelements in mozmill we have dragToElement function which is tested and works:

Nothing blocks us here.
I tried to make a WIP test here but it seems that mozelement/dragToElement method is broken, because the element got's removed but doesn't get dropped on the nav-bar. 
This needs dedicated time allocated and needs further investigations, if is something we want, otherwise we could wait for marionette which code seems to work.
I'll unassign, we can continue on this once we have marionette.
Assignee: cosmin.malutan → nobody
Moving to Firefox UI tests.

This test is part of the manual regression suite, so automation coverage is highly desirable.
Component: Mozmill Tests → Firefox UI Tests
Product: Mozilla QA → Testing
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