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We currently use nose and django-nose for tests. django-nose hasn't had a release since mid-2013. It's not actively maintained. nose is undergoing a complete rewrite for nose 2.

pytest and pytest-django are both actively maintained and pytest-django is more likely to work with newer versions of django as they're released.

We currently use pytest for the smoketests since that's what QA uses and our smoketest code is based on their infrastructure.

This bug covers researching switching from nose/django-nose to pytest/pytest-django. Namely:

1. does pytest meet the requirements we have (fail fast, run a specific test, test skipping, db reuse, fast test-and-fix development cycle, ...)?

2. how much effort is it to switch from nose to pytest?
Ran out of time this quarter. Pushing it off until next quarter.
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I'm going to make this block Django 1.8 upgrade to answer the following question:

    Do we need to do this to upgrade to Django 1.8?

If not, we should push this off indefinitely. Further, we should do this when/if SUMO is ready to do the same so the two projects continue to have similar infrastructure.
Blocks: 1146686
Unblocking in favor of bug 1164031
No longer blocks: 1146686
Grabbing this now to toy with.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
Switching this from a research project to an implementation bug.

In a PR: https://github.com/mozilla/fjord/pull/609
Summary: [research] switch to pytest and pytest-django → switch to pytest and pytest-django
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Landed in master.

This isn't related to our servers, so I'm going to close this out now.
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