discontinuity between jDump and pDump output from stackwalker




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4 years ago
4 years ago


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4 years ago
there are times when the crash "reason" field in the pDump has the value "No crash", but at the same time the "type" field in the jDump is Null.  Since there are other times when jDump.type is Null and pDump.reason is "", the processor can't just say the "reason" is "No crash" when it encounters jDump.type is Null.

Guidance is requested.  This bug is one of three things and we don't know which one:
   1 - enhancement request to get the jDump.type field to differentiate the cases outlined above
   2 - a bug report saying pDump.reason and jDump.type ought to be the same and they aren't
   3 - a request to help get the Socorro processor to get the appropriate value for PG.reason after the demise of the pDump.
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