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Steps to reproduce:

I have several e-mail accounts with one or more e-mail aliases (identies) configured. After Thunderbird updated to version 31.2.0 I realised that all settings concerning folders for sent emails, Archiv and draft folders for the e-mail identities except for the standard identy are gone.

Actual results:

When I tried to redo the configuration I got an error message: "TypeError: document.getElementById(...) is null.

Expected results:

I should have been able to reset the configuration.

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4 years ago
Thank you for your report. The screenshot you attached helps whoever starts working on this bug. Could you please copy and paste here as a comment thta error message which is appearing on the Error Console. This would probably direct the developer to the point it broken.
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Summary: Folder and Send configuration disappeared and can not be restored → Folder and Send configuration fields are empty
account/server/identity is defined in prefs.js as follows.
(Edit prefs.js by Text Editor, or Tools/Options/Advanced/General, Config Editor)
>   mail.accountmanager.accounts = account1,account2,account3,account4, ... ,accountN
>           mail.account.account#.server     = serverX
>                   mail.server.serverX.???
>                   if mail directory : = [ProfD]Mail/Local Folders
>           mail.account.account#.identities = idP,idQ,idR, ..., idV (first one = default identity)
>                  mail.identity.idR.???
>                  if drafts folder : mail.identity.idR.draft_folder = mailbox://nobody@Local%20Folders/Drafts
Default identity is shown at both Account Settings/Copies&Folders and Manaage Identities/Edit/Copies&Folders Tab.
Identities panel simply shows data in these mail.identity.idR.??? definitions.

What is set for your identities in your prefs.js?

UI is affected by Theme and add-on.
IIRC, "Set Default" in identity definition(==change it to first one in mail.account.account#.identities) was suppirted from recent Tb release, so at least identity related something was changed in Tb recently. Some add-ons may not follow such change.

Do you see your problem with Tb's -safe-mode? (add-on is disabled)
Do you see your problem with Tb's standard Theme?

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4 years ago
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This is my prefs.js

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4 years ago
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This is the Error consol at the time the error occured

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4 years ago
Dear Java Rueda, 

I copied an attachment with a screenshot of the error consol at the time the error last occured.

Dear WADA,
regarding your requests: 
I attached my prefs.js. The pop-mail-accounts are no longer used and might be ignored. The IMAP-accounts are the ones of interest. The error occurs with all of them.

The problem does not occur in Tb's safe mode, but so far I could not found out which add-on might cause the problem. I know the approx. date (26 October) Before that date I did not experience any difficulties. I already tried to disable all add-ons which have been updated after that date - without success. I will go ahead with this search.

I don't use any special theme, but the standard theme.
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Comment 6

4 years ago
Dear all,

It seems that I could resolve the problem. Deactivating the Add-on 'Auto save drafts folders 0.2.1' finally helped. I have also sent an incompatibility report to the developer of the add-on.

Thank you very much for your help.
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