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It seems a feature was removed.  If I recall older version of mozilla would 
allow viewers of msdn library pages the ablity to move the frame bars around
just like you can in I.E.  Perhaps this has something to do with how ms is 
writing there html pages.  At any rate could be a bug with mozilla so I figured
I should file a report.
Which frame bars are relevant here?  That is, what do you mean by "frame bars"?
OK, some investigation and mails back and forth with Todd show the following:

1)  The "frame bar" in question is the border between the table of contents
    frame on the bottom left and the content frame on the bottom right
2)  This frameborder is 1px wide in Mozilla, due to all the framesets setting
    'border="1" frameborder="1"' and the frames themselves doing the same.
3)  Todd can grab&drag this border fine on Linux but not on Win2k
4)  IE does _not_ render the border as 1px wide.  Todd says (my comments in
    square brackets):

can't grab the separator in this window
[this is the page as it is on the MSDN site]

I can grab the seperator in all the of the versions below
[These are the same page with 2px,3px,4px,5px,6px border instead of 1px]

In IE the border is the same in all of the listed links above
and it looks most like the last url, however the seperator
in IE is still a little larger.

Note: Mozilla's default size if no size is specified is 6px (that last testcase)
Note: NS4 has the same problem as Mozilla on this page

Over to HTMLFrames to investigate the IE behavior and figure out what's up here.
 (that is, whether this is an evangelism bug).

Todd, what version of IE are you using exactly?  (please comment in this bug)
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Summary: Viewing of msdn library not so nice → MSDN has 1px hard-to-drag frameborder (different rendering from IE)
I am using IE 5.50.4134.0600IS
I think it's just the one that came with win2k service pack 1
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Bulk re-assigning all of Eric's HTMLFrame bugs to John.
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The MSDN site specifies frameSpacing=6 for the inner frameset (whose name is
This nonstandard attribute is what makes IE provide a wide draggable border.
I tested this in IE by saving as "Web page, complete", editing the framespacing
to a large value and reloading.
I see.
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Is this not the same as epic log of support site issues? They have a bug
on file to fix their detection and I would hope they fix that at the same time.
-->bclary to decide if this should be marked a dupe. 
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Summary: MSDN has 1px hard-to-drag frameborder (different rendering from IE) → - MSDN has 1px hard-to-drag frameborder (different rendering from IE)
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Keywords: top100
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Based on URL in bug summary ( seem unreachable) MSDN frame bar behaves identically with Firefox 3.6.x and IE8.

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100824 Firefox/3.6.9
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