[email/UI] Implement ability to save embedded images (and external images too?)



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Save attached image

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Hi there, 

I received an email with picture attached that I would like to have it saved on my flame.
I can preview the attached picture on email app, but couldn't find a way to save the picture except for screenshot whole screen in preview mode, which is a workaround I believe.

After searching sumo, I only found a similar feature, which allows users to save music/photos/videos from browser, but not mentioned other apps.  

I think it's pretty much a common behavior to save attached files, especially pictures. 
People always take and send friends pictures. 
My device: flame
Build identifier: 20141008000202

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I think this is probably an embedded image, but from a UI perspective it's the same issue as external images.

I'm assuming we'd do the same thing as browser, which is pop-up an action menu on long press on an image.  Juwei, does that make sense to you?

(I don't think this is a dupe; the original v1.0 UX spec did call for long-presses to pop up a menu to save embedded images though.)
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Summary: Save attached image → [email/UI] Implement ability to save embedded images (and external images too?)

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3 years ago
Sounds good to me!
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Flagging Stephany for input.
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3 years ago
Discussed with Dylan today. This is probably feasible because we have existing functionality for capturing touches (for launching browser on links) and saving files. This would largely be email work (vs. download manager). It's a reasonable feature request but we won't prioritize it very highly, and one that neither Android nor Gmail supports. So, this is nice to have for 2.2 but not required/blocking.

Flagging James Burke because he's been doing some experiments with the body window for the HTML text selection.
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Seems fairly straightforward, although it could depend on the UX for it. Maybe it is just:

* long press (dev note maybe wait for oncontextmenu if that fires, otherwise use a timer). How long to press before seeing it?
* Show an action dialog like what we show when user taps a contact bubble, with one item "Open image" (?), and a Cancel button.
* Tapping "Open image" will trigger the "open" web activity, which Gallery implements, and from there, the image could be saved.

I had thought about having a "Save image" option, and then we do what we do for attachments, directly download to SD card, but not sure the user would find it after the fact, whereas if we hand over to gallery, that seems like better tracking/division of responsibility.

If we do want a "Save image" then we will need some UX and visual design around that. Like do we show a spinner on the action dialog, over the image? If over the image inside the email (like a grayed out image with a spinner on top), I think that is nice UI, but do worry about long term some harder interactions related to when solutions for bug 1102469 land.

In general, longer term, using a long press could create some tension with the text selection long press. But we would need to solve bug 1102469 to get to that tension. May not be worth considering it too much now.
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