Lightning uses CalDav calendar's configured mail address for invitations instead of the one configured in Thunderbird



4 years ago
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Lightning 3.3




4 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

I tried to create a new event and invite participants to it. 

Actual results:

My mailaddress in the participant list was my own private mail instead of my business mail address that I had configured in Thunderbird/Lightning for this particular calendar. It turns out it uses the mail address configured on my CalDAV server.

This behaviour is consistant as it uses this mail address when I accept invitations, too. That is a severe issue as it leaked my private mail address to a customer and this is a severe breach of privacy.

Expected results:

I expect Thunderbird/Lightning to use the mail address configured in Thunderbird/Lightning's calendar config. What else is the point of even having this configuration value if it is ignored?


4 years ago
Severity: normal → major
Keywords: calendar-integration, privacy
Priority: -- → P3

Comment 1

3 years ago
On CalDAV-Calendars lightning uses the address received from the CalDAV-Server as organizer-adress.
In this cases it completely ignores the user-configured email adress of the calendar.

For example on gmail-CalDAV calendars, you always get some gmail-adress as organizer.

1) Open the following file in your thunderbird-directory:
2) find the definition of function "calendarUserAddress()"
3) comment out or delete the statement "return this.mCalendarUserAddress;"
4) restart firefox

Now the organizer works as expected.


The only thing missing is the clear text name of the organizer.
Perhaps someone could implement the missing part which can be found in the same file:

  case "organizerCN":
    return null; // xxx todo

Comment 2

3 years ago
(In reply to Joachim Thees from comment #1)

Sorry, this causes weird behavior when re-editing the participant-list (lots of addresses appear).
I have to rethink the solution.
Keywords: calendar-integration, privacy
Priority: P3 → --
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