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inherit infallible wrapper method


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Currently the IDL-to-C++ translator will generate convenience wrappers
for infallible attributes, like:

  inline bool GetRecordProfileTimelineMarkers()
    bool result;
    mozilla::DebugOnly<nsresult> rv = GetRecordProfileTimelineMarkers(&result);
    return result;

However, as you can see from
... it can be hard to use these wrappers.  What happened there
is that the concrete class implemented the "ordinary" getter,
and this implementation shadowed the convenience wrapper.

It looked simple to change the translator to emit a "using"
declaration for the convenience method as well.  This makes it
straightforward to use the wrapper.
This patch adds "using" declarations so that infallible wrapper
methods are available on a class implementing the interface.

I have only tested this by rebuilding (and by hacking in a use of the
new wrapper), as I wasn't sure it was a worthwhile enough idea to push
through try.

This patch adds the using declaration to the NS_DECL_ and NS_FORWARD_
macros, but not the NS_FORWARD_SAFE_ macro.  The latter was omitted
because it seemed incorrect to me -- in that case the method can fail
if passed a NULL "to_".
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emit using declarations for infallible convenience methods

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This C++ behavior seems inconsistently weird to me, but...
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