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Can't assign reviewers to a review request


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Trying to type in the reviewer names for a commit, I get a js error, but no dropdown:

15:17 < jgraham> TypeError: s is undefined
15:17 < jgraham> return r.indexOf(e) === 0 ? i.indexOf(e) === 0 ? r.localeCompare(i)  : - 1 : i.indexOf(e) === 0 ? 1 : s.localeCompare(o)
15:18 < jgraham> It appears that doesn't exist

This is also broken in Chrome. AFAICT I can't create a review request at all until this works.
Thank you for filing and for taking the time to report the JS error.

To help us reproduce, what string did you type in the box? Can you start a JS debugger and see what entry Review Board is barfing on?
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It doesn't really matter what I type in the box e.g. "gps" reproduces the above behaviour.

The debugger output is in the summary. It comes from commits.min.whatever.js, line 173 of the prettified source.
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I think I know what's going on here.

We've got code in commits.js that is doing comparisons on both usernames and fullnames in order to create the sorted autocomplete list.

For profiles that are private, users that do not have staff / admin privileges to retrieve their email addresses or full names via the API.

I believe we need to alter commits.js to take into account the possibility of fullnames not being available in the result that is returned from the server.
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/r/505 - Bug 1097736 - rbmozui: Can't assign reviewers to a review request. r=?

Pull down this commit:

hg pull review -r b72134811c6be795a5e53dd6f75dcaf816090fc7

Hang on, I've got a better solution here.
/r/505 - Bug 1097736 - rbmozui: Can't assign reviewers to a review request. r=?

Pull down this commit:

hg pull review -r 824f15e433125ed4e07dccf2add386640947fdb7
Closed: 8 years ago
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This fix has been pushed to production. Can you confirm the fix on your end, jgraham?
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Yep, this is working now. Thanks!
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