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Further Tweak fling curving prefs


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2.2 S2 (19dec)


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1095727 +++

Tweak the prefs set in bug 1095727 some more.
From bug 1095727, those settings are pretty good. It feels really nice. At this point I think either way, we're good and now it's personal preference.

user_pref("apz.fling_curve_function_x1", ".385");
user_pref("apz.fling_curve_function_x2", ".76");
user_pref("apz.fling_curve_function_y1", "0");
user_pref("apz.fling_curve_function_y2", "1");
user_pref("apz.fling_curve_threshold_inches_per_ms", "0.01");
user_pref("apz.fling_friction", "0.00238");

The only things I wanted to change were:

1) Tweak the curve so that we get the speed bump just a tad earlier while maintaining the feel at low speeds. I noticed that whenever I wanted to go fast, I had to be much more intentional about it with the settings from 1095727.
2) Tweak the friction - I just wanted a tad more speed and more driftiness. This also janks a bit less during the final drift.

@Gordon - Can you try these. Otherwise, the prefs in bug 1095727 can stand until silk comes around. Thanks!
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While I do like the additional drifty-ness, I feel these prefs are too fast and feel less end-to-end consistent. One thing I want to avoid is a dramatic difference between the low and high-end. I think it's a usability win to maintain the illusion that scrolling only has one "mode".
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From comment 2, closing.
Closed: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WORKSFORME
I've got one more for you:

    user_pref("apz.fling_curve_function_x1", ".41");
    user_pref("apz.fling_curve_function_y1", "0");
    user_pref("apz.fling_curve_function_x2", ".8");
    user_pref("apz.fling_curve_function_y2", "1");
    user_pref("apz.fling_friction", "0.00238");

Drifty-er, but reduced at the high-end very slightly. I'm really happy with this one. Give it a spin.
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Resolution: WORKSFORME → ---
Just played with it. I like it! It feels much more predictable and scales better with fling speeds. I still think we need to tweak the low end a bit, but the low end here feels better than the low end from comment 1. And the top end speed is still a tad slow, but still good enough that I probably wouldn't notice it unless I look for it. And the extra drift, yummy!
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If you're happy with the prefs from comment 4, we can land it.
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Gordon, do you want to land the prefs in comment 4?
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Yeah, let's land them.
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Hi, could you provide a try run thanks!
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Not really worth doing a try run for this. I just landed it:
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Target Milestone: --- → 2.2 S2 (19dec)
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