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Hide the local runtime again


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Firefox 36
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As Alex suspected before... no one understands the purpose of the local runtime.

Everyone's first action seems to be making an hello world app, and then they try the local runtime, presumably because it's always there and does not require downloading anything else.

Let's hide it again.
Alex, what do you think here?  Maybe we could have it default available on Nightly only?  It's helpful for our team I think.  Or it could just go back to a pref that's off by default that we all can flip.
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Yes, it is really something weird noone expect some core developers would like to use.
KISS and hide it somehow.
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/r/739 - Bug 1097833 - Move local runtime behind a pref again. r=paul

Pull down this commit:

hg pull review -r 1dc2625ea2c59c8919e155c0244a797a6628a06f
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Removed the local runtime docs for now from the WebIDE MDN page.
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Was going to request uplift, but I think we can just let this ride the trains.
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