Inline event handler scripts won't have a URL after bug 905700



4 years ago
5 months ago


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4 years ago
When better Debugger.Source support lands in the debugger server (bug 905700), event handlers specified as an inline string won't have a URL. Example:

<button onclick="foo()"></button>

This creates a separate eval-style source with the text "foo()". The debugger server will report a SourceActor with the url as `null` (the fact that eval'ed Debugger.Source's currently have a URL is a bug). The SourceActor also has an `introductionUrl` property, but here that will also be `null` because the HTML page is not a source.

I thought this would mean that looking at event handlers in the inspector wouldn't show a URL, however it does somehow still seem to report the HTML page correctly... Filing this bug to make sure we check up on this.


5 months ago
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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