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[META] 2.2 Task Manager useability enhancements


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User Story

With the Browser functionality integrated into the OS, the Task Manager becomes a critical method for navigation and saving content.  Task Manager Usability Enhancements revamps the UI of and adds new functionality (such as favoriting) to Task Manager.
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User Story: (updated)
Keywords: feature
Summary: [User Story] Task Manager useability enhancements → [META] Task Manager useability enhancements
QA Contact: hcheng
What is the difference between this one and bug 1033971? I found they have similar titles and user story descriptions.
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that bug seems to be covering a lot more items than what we have defined for 2.2. So it made sense to have a meta for specifically the items we agreed for 2.2.
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Thanks for your explanation.

Could we put version number v2.2 in title to differentiate this story from bug 1033971 easily?
And, I found bug 1043406 isn't planning for 2.2. Do we need to remove it from depending list?
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No longer depends on: 1043406
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Summary: [META] Task Manager useability enhancements → [META] 2.2 Task Manager useability enhancements
still in 2.2 scope?
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(In reply to Hermes Cheng[:hermescheng] from comment #4)
> still in 2.2 scope?

I would think none of the dependencies here should block 2.2, maybe we should wontfix/invalid this meta and cherry-pick individual bugs if time allows
I'm closing as invalid. Since we re-defined the 2.2 scope, this bug isn't tracking anything useful (Bug 1040790 is not in scope for 2.2 and bug 967420 is its own meta bug.)
Closed: 5 years ago
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Resolution: --- → INVALID
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