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Basic test for search activity


(Firefox for Android Graveyard :: Search Activity, defect)

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I filed bug 1072429 about moving SearchEngineTest to mozilla-central, which tests the search engine parsing in the search activity, but we should also have at least one stupid test to make sure the search activity actually works.

Bonus points if we change the default search engine in Gecko and check to make sure that the search activity finds the right plugin.

nalexander, can you help figure out how we can even go about making a test for this separate activity? Ideally we should be able to run this on automation.
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This one might be best as a JUnit 3 test, which is currently soft blocked on  Then you can use robotium (or any other framework) to UI test, but start a different activity.

However, it might be that we can use the Robocop framework and just not rely on any of Robocop per se.  (Under the hood, a Robocop test is a JUnit 3 test.)

We might be able to just add a SearchActivityTest that is an ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2<Activity>, where the Activity is the SearchActivity, just like we do for Fennec (Gecko) Robocop tests.  See [1].

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This is an ex-Search Activity now (bug 1221344).
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