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3 years ago
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When users are scrolling through the contacts there is no scrollbar that appears on the right side of the screen.

Repro Steps:
1) Update a Flame to 20141114040205
2) Enter contacts page
3) Add enough contacts that the user can scroll the page
4) Scroll through contacts
5) Observe left part of page

There is no scroll bar on the main contacts page

It is expected that there is a scroll bar on pages that are scrollable

Environmental Variables:
Device: Flame 2.2
Build ID: 20141114040205
Gaia: 1e300eac2e56d98ad51d414766d031db7d33221f
Gecko: bbb68df450c2
Version: 36.0a1 (2.2)
Firmware Version: v188
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; rv:36.0) Gecko/36.0 Firefox/36.0

Repro frequency: 5/5
See attached: video clip, logcat

Comment 1

3 years ago
This issue also occurs on flame 2.1 and 2.0.

Environmental Variables:
Device: Flame 2.1 (319mb)(Kitkat Base)(Shallow Flash)
BuildID: 20141114001204
Gaia: af6533781356acc62b0f40c9e040aa5b47d3b709
Gecko: 551326425826
Version: 34.0 (2.1)
Firmware: V188-1
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; rv:34.0) Gecko/34.0 Firefox/34.0

Device: Flame 2.0 (319mb)(Kitkat Base)(Shallow Flash)
Build ID: 20141114000200
Gaia: 28991b28d54fc4ef8112c8fa678bf20f9faca8c8
Gecko: 62294be0fc98
Version: 32.0 (2.0)
Firmware Version: v188-1
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Mobile; rv:32.0) Gecko/32.0 Firefox/32.0

There is no scroll bar present in contacts.
The original build this was found in was shallow flashed and set to 319mb.
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Do we need the scrollbar when we have the alphascroll, Carrie?
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AFAIK, this was hidden by design in all versions (even 1.0.1).
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replacing the needinfo that accidentally got scrubbed with mine.
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Nope! Our alphascroll doesn't go with the scroll bar. So this is by design. Thanks!
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Per comment 3 and comment 5.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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This is a bad design in my opinion. On my Android phone it has the alphabet picker AND an indicator telling me where I'm at/how far I'm on the list.

It has NO indication of this at all on current design. NI Johan to reconsider this design.
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[Tracking Requested - why for this release]:

Thanks for your feedback Pi Wei, we can add this to the backlog so it can be discussed if it could be a new feature for future releases.
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