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Move distributed files into dist/bin/mail instead of dist/bin


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Filed a separate bug for fixing resouce paths. bug 1099861.
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Just a question, could you add some details why this is needed aside from the failing test? Also, does this work with the new OSX signing changes?

I think a try-run of this would also be good.
Try run:

There are still lots of failures unfortunately. Most of failures are calendar. The calendar xpcshell tests passed on my local linux. But once make upload or something had done on build server, all of those tests failed. 

What I can tell is that the difference of directory structure between firefox and thunderbird will keep some test failures.

I have no idea about OSX signing changes, but I am worrying about this change would break your work. Of course I am hoping this change does not break calendar or somewhere else.
Note that the directory structure in dist/bin/xpi-stage when DIST_SUBDIR is set:

OBJDIR/dist/xpi-stage/lightning/DIST_SUBDIR/{chrome, components,...}
Regarding the OSX signing changes, it requires some mozharness changes. I don't know if packaged tests will be affected by this change directly, but if so we'd have to make more changes in bug 1084066.

Regarding the calendar failures, you will likely have to change these lines to load the correct manifest:
Philipp, thanks for the info.
head_consts.js seems to be correct for me. So now I am guessing mozharness changes are necessary unfortunately....
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No longer blocks: 1099332
Jcranmer, this also looks like it could use your build config experience.
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It's not clear to me that this is useful--it appears to be related to specific test issues that were fixed by other means.
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(In reply to Joshua Cranmer [:jcranmer] from comment #13)
> It's not clear to me that this is useful--it appears to be related to
> specific test issues that were fixed by other means.

closing wontfix based on this comment.
Please reopen if this is incorrect
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