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4 years ago
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4 years ago
The declarations in customCSS.styl need to be reviewed individually and integrated into the site CSS on a case by case basis.

In many cases customCSS is altering a CSS declaration elsewhere in our styles, these declarations should be together because:
- we should only have to look in one place when altering a style
- they often over-ride other declarations we we can reduce total code by combining them
- they can benefit from use of variables and mixins.

:Florian made a *great* etherpad which will act as a starting point for this work:

Comment 1

4 years ago
Commits pushed to master at
Bug 1100643 - Remove.b2g class from styles as it is no longer in use (corresponding macro template has been removed)
Merge pull request #2916 from stephaniehobson/BUG-1100643-customCSS-b2g

Bug 1100643: integrate custom CSS - remove .b2g-button

Comment 2

3 years ago
Commits pushed to master at
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS - fancyTOC

Clean up .fancyTOC. This class will probably ultimately be generalized but until then this makes it work better.
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS - quicknav

Removed .quicknav styles as they are obsolete. The corresponding macro template has been deleted on production.
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS - smallTextMultiColumnBox

Another set of classes we can probably generalize but until then... it's not purple and it doesn't break on mobile.
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS - endImageWrapping

Replaced this class with the more generic "cleared" where it appeared in production. We can now remove it.
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS  - sidebar-box

Not in use, can't find image associated with it, uses Verdana, pretty sure this one is obsolete.
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS - tab-content-box

Not in use.
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS - action-driven

Not in use.
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS - standardSidebar

Switched to variables and mixing where appropriate. Modernized the look a bit and made it full width on small mobile screens to try to avoid breakages.
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS - RTL fixes

Integrated fixes into main CSS, in some cases the fix was already in place.
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS - .spec-*

Everything should be .redesign now.
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS - htab

It's all .redesign now.
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS - revert removal of action-driven

This reverts commit cfb15feabccbc12f3fa30f0a25a2332d023e175d.
Bug 1100643: Integrate CustomCSS - remove invalid property from fancyTOC declaration
Merge pull request #2967 from stephaniehobson/bug-1100643-empty-customcss

Bug 1100643 empty customcss

Comment 3

3 years ago
Commits pushed to master at
Bug 1100643: Review card-grid

Moved card-grid declaration out of customcss file, simplified (moved it to flex box), and variablized it.
Merge pull request #3683 from stephaniehobson/1100643-card-grid

Bug 1100643: Review card-grid
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