Optimize all donation forms for load time - slower = less revenue



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4 years ago
The two new donation forms should be optimized for the fastest possible load time:



Have we done all we can to make them load fast? Is there anything we can do in partnership with out 3rd party vendors (PayPal, Kount, Blue State Digital) to speed load time?

I've seen a few articles reference this tool for optimizing page load time:

This is a nice article about the impact of slow load times on shopping cart transactions, but it's applicable for us:

We should prioritize improving load time for Firefox, since at least 90% of revenue will come directly through that browser.
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4 years ago
I just noticed that Google Analytics provides speed analysis and suggestions for improving load time:

Perhaps there are some helpful ideas? It also shows page load timing (right now avg is 18 seconds, which seems crazy): http://note.io/1w4wWZ7 

I'm also marking a needinfo for Adam to get his advice / insight as to whether he's used this page load analysis feature in GA before, and whether it is actually helpful.
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The GA average page load timing includes load speeds from all around the world, including those with much slower connections. 

Optimizing page load is definitely beneficial for increasing donations.

I would work through as much advice from page speed test tools like these as we can reasonably implement.
 * https://sendto.mozilla.org/page/contribute/givenow-seq#page-1
 * http://www.webpagetest.org
 * http://yslow.org/

There are a few things that jump out, like calling in tabzilla code from mozilla.org slows things down. As we work through this we should challenge assumptions like needing tabzilla (or needing to call the hosted version).
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Assignee: scott → ali

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4 years ago
Landed first set of optimization today, but this will be done more.
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4 years ago
Ali could we get a quick roundup of what was done to try and improve load speed? Or, at least let's please make sure it's documented somewhere (preferably Bugzilla) -- or link the individual bugs to this one...
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4 years ago
Sorry I forgot to do that here.


* Use CDN as much as possible for jQuery and any other resources
* Use minify version of CSS or JavaScript if available
* Optimized all of our images
* Remove duplicate scripts
* Fixed redirect chains
* Fixed bad request (404 or 503)
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