Keon flashed with v123 based image and now unresponsive



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Steps to reproduce:

I am not sure if this bug is filed under the correct category.

I've flashed my Keon Geeksphone with the v123 base image. 

Actual results:

The device became unresponsive.  I tried to recover the Keon by removing the battery for ± 30 seconds, reinserting the battery and pressing the volume up and power buttons at the same time.

Expected results:

The system recovery menu should appear however, the device remained switched off without displaying the recovery menu.

Kindly assist.
If I understand correctly, you flashed your Keon with a Flame v123 base image.  This is more of a support issue, unless it's an enhancement requests to make the Flame base image builds recognize they're not flashing a flame device.  Relevant resources are:
- GeeksPhone forums 
-, specifically

I think the short answer is that if the device isn't listed in "fastboot devices" when you boot it into fastboot mode (volume down and power button), then the device may be permanently bricked.  Do make sure that your system recognizes the USB id of 18d1:d00d first!  If it shows up from fastboot, then most existing flash scripts for keon should work fine.  Whenever any script invokes "adb reboot bootloader" the device ends up in fastboot mode.

I do hope you are able to recover the keon!  It's a good little device!
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And note that when I boot my keon into fastboot mode, the screen is black and nothing shows up.  Which is different from recovery mode!  recovery mode is "volume up and power" and results in an orange screen that has a bunch of options.

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4 years ago
Thanks Andrew.

I'll let you know should I be able to recover the device.
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