RSS Icon in url bar add-on caches and overwrites toolbar customizations



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3 years ago
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3 years ago
In particular, using "Rss Icon in url bar" [0] causes some kinds of customizations to the toolbar to be reverted or modified.

It seems that something triggered a "Save state", and then whenever the browser was closed, the tabbar would reset back to that save state. I don't know what triggered the save state, but it changed at least once during my debugging. Or maybe it isn't so complex, and I wasn't taking careful enough notes.

:mconley said he suspects the pattern of toolbar manipulation the addon does [1] is the culprit.

Hm, so I took a closer look at the code in [1], and it looks like what's happening is that on add-on init, the add-on caches the value of currentSet before it injects itself, and then on uninit, sets the toolbar back to the cached currentSet.

So I suspect this was a problem even before CustomizableUI was introduced.

I think this add-on needs to be altered to use CustomizableUI to add itself to the toolbar.
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Hey jorge - can we contact this add-on author to have them update their add-on? Or, alternatively, point to a place where I (or someone else) can submit a patch?
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Summary: Add-ons that use old mechanism for adding toolbar buttons can accidentally revert customizations → RSS Icon in url bar add-on caches and overwrites toolbar customizations
I contacted the developer through AMO.
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2 months ago
This was fixed in bug 1341562, but also no more legacy add-ons, so resolving as WFM.
Last Resolved: 2 months ago
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