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3 years ago
We hope that the Firefox OS UX team could have their own blog promoting on current and future product and design user focused developments. Currently there is a general UX blog ( but we feel the template is far too constricting (little images), we'd want something clear, fresh and editorial. 

We are hoping we can have a different wordpress template.

Ideally we'd like to use this URL:
But it that can't work, perhaps we can use
Summary: Blog for → Blog for Firefox OS UX

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3 years ago
I believe this skin is "the official one" so to speak -- so users and press know which is which. Adding Craig Cook, who administers our wordpress accounts to add his thoughts. I don't know if we can use the same skin but apply it to a different template, to give you more options. 

If we can, I'd suggest we apply it to the current UX blog, rather than give the OS a unique page. I see there's already b2g tags set up there as well as OS. There's more rationale for this thinking here:

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3 years ago
So sounds like the best bet would be talk to the creative team and see if we can get a modified version that focuses visually more on content.

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3 years ago
+ Matej
We can easily build a variation on the One Mozilla theme if you can us give some more specific guidance on what you want from it. 

What do you mean by "focuses visually more on content"? Is it just the size of the embedded images you're having trouble with? The image width is dictated by the column width (620 pixels), but it would be trivial to make a one-column version with no sidebar so you could have full-width images (940 pixels). Of course, the trade-off is that you wouldn't have a sidebar for additional navigation and supplemental content, so there's that.

As for spinning up a new blog for FxOS UX, I'm squarely in the camp of "Mozilla needs fewer blogs, not more" so if we can find a way to integrate your content into the current UX blog I'd support that. Maybe we should be thinking of a way to turn the current UX blog into a broader "all of our UX work in one place" blog with categories/sections for the different products and start to design a variant theme around that. Just a thought.

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3 years ago
+1 to fewer blogs.

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3 years ago
(In reply to Mardi from comment #6)
> +1 to fewer blogs.

I would also be in favour of that. As we try to unify the Firefox brand more, it would be nice to carry that over to all channels of communication. Otherwise our message becomes increasingly fragmented.

I'm also adding Sean here as we've had a separate email conversation about the layout. I don't think we want to be creating any new templates until the MozID evolution is rolled out, but let's definitely look at it then.

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3 years ago
Matej, since this request is not hyper time sensitive, lets chat off line, I'll keep this bug open and assigned to myself until we have a common path forward.
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