I restored my Thunderbird profile xxxxxxxx.default data to a new TB profile folder/location. Now TB is slow to respond & "TB is not responding" message appears frequently.



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Steps to reproduce:

I recently moved a back-up of my Thunderbird “xxxxxxxx.default” folder from my old windows7 PC to my new Windows7 PC. I did this by copying (& overwriting) the entire contents of  “xxxxxxxx.default” folder into the existing “xxxxxxxx.default” folder of the freshly installed Thunderbird (as described in Mozilla support). 

Actual results:

I then opened Thunderbird. Upon opening up Thunderbird everything seemed to be as it was in my previous TB. All my emails, drafts and subfolders etc. were all in place. However, whenever I attempt to do things like search for previous clients emails or if I try to save a new email (with PDF attachments) as a draft, Thunderbird freezes and the “Thunderbird is not responding” message appears. If I’m not patient enough TB ends up crashing. Now it’s nearly inoperable.

Expected results:

Prior to moving my Thunderbird profile to my new system TB had always operated smoothly & never (if rarely) crashed.  I expected Thunderbird to perform as it always has, like a Swiss watch.
Is profile directory copied to correct location?
  See mail.server.server#.directory-rel setting in prefs.js
  See also mail.server.server1.directory which is actually -used full path from directory-rel .
  Is Mail Directory for each account located at directory which you want?

I assume profile directory was copied to correct location.

Do you use imap?
If imap, "sync'ed with imap server state" is lost by profile directory copy, unless absolutely same mail directory path(same full path before profile copy and after profile copy) is kept.
Even if same OS, userid on Win is usually different, and profile directory name is usually different even if profile is re-created with same name. i.e. Absolute full path of Mail Directory for each account is usually different after profile copy.
So re-synchronization with imap server" is usually executed from scratch when profile directory is copied. 
   "messae header of all messages of all mboxes of all imap accounts" is re-fetched.
   If Offline0use=On folder is used with auto-sync=enabled,  
   "entire mail data of all messages of all Offlie-Use=On folders of all imap accounts" is re-fetched,
   and if "Global Search and Indexer" is enabled, indexing is re-executed to the re-fetched mail data.

Are you talking about phenomenon by above?
Or problem upon "Draft Save" or "Save sent mail copy to Sent" only problem?
If latter, is "Copy mail to Drafts folder" or "Copy mail to Sent folder" normally executed on new PC?

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3 years ago
Is the new profile folder exactly at the same path as the old one? If not, some of the preferences/cache files would need to be deleted.

Comment 3

3 years ago
Ahem, Vince?  questions for you in comment 1 and comment 2.  (They are not rhetorical questions to be ignored)

Also, we do not have an error message of "Thunderbird is not responding".  Which of the following are you seeing?
- "Unresponsive Script" error dialog
- "(Not Responding)" text in windows title bar
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Resolved per whiteboard
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