Video from GUM front camera is rotated



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3 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

I get a video stream with GUM in a hosted app with:
fullscreenn: true
orientation: portrait-primary

(install as hosted app with webide)

Flame v188 m-c (two days ago)

Actual results:

The video stream of front camera doesn't keep upright and rotates in a weird way.

- rotate 90 deg and put in landscape, the image is rotated 180 deg.
- rotate 180 deg and put in portrait inverted, the image is rotated 360 deg.

The same app and video preview from back camera behaves as espected keeping the video stream upright like camera app does.

Expected results:

The video preview from front camera keeps the image upright no matter the phone orientation.
I see bug 1023043 already reported and bug 1043307 is stated to be fixed in 2.0.

What I still do see in 2.2 M/C from today is bug 1023043/bug 1002671 .  
The front camera is mirrored...  Is that what you're seeing?

Comment 2

3 years ago
I think is not the same bug. Those bugs make reference to "oficial" camera app and I can't reproduce it in 2.2, I mean everything seems to be ok and the orientation of the previews match the final picture.

The bug I filed make reference to a video stream obtained from getUserMedia in a hosted/privileged app.
While back camera seems to be ok (phone rotation is 'suppressed' and images stands upright), the front camera no.
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