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Provide a more useful explanation when mixed content is blocked


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Right now we hide the site identity information when mixed content is loaded, since not all of the content on the page is coming from that verified domain. Looking back, we originally decided to hide this in the "mixed content blocked" case because of lco's comment here:

However, this is a kinda brute-force attempt at solving the problem. On desktop, we still show the site identity information, but we have a message explaining that some of the content on the page is not encrypted.

We should come up with a solution where we still show the site identity information, but maybe include a message saying that the page is only partially encrypted.
Actually, we really won't have identity data to show if mixed content is loaded since the security state will be STATE_IS_BROKEN.

To fix this bug, we'll probably need to update the site_identity_unknown layout to account for *why* the identity is known.

For some details on how desktop deals with this, see this:
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Depends on: 1177576
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