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Clean up static constructor calls introduced by bug 1073096


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After landing bug 1073096 I received an anoymous letter that is threatening yet vague (indeed I initially thought "Constructors" referred to JS constructor functions):


Regression: Mozilla-Inbound - Number of Constructors - CentOS release 5 (Final) - 16% increase
    Previous: avg 72.000 stddev 0.000 of 12 runs up to revision 8d3f59b2b614
    New     : avg 83.500 stddev 0.905 of 12 runs since revision e3cba62ada40
    Change  : +11.500 (16% / z=0.000)
    Graph   :

Changeset range:

    : Lars T Hansen <> - Bug 1073096 - Use MemoryBarrierBits type as container for bit sets. r=luke

    : Lars T Hansen <> - Bug 1073096 - Support for Odin and asm.js.  r=luke

    : Lars T Hansen <> - Bug 1073096 - ARM support for atomics for Odin/asm.js.  r=dtc-moz

  * - Atomics and locks for SharedArrayBuffer: asm.js

----- 8< --------------------------------------------------------------------

Ms2ger suggests that the cause of this is the first of these patches, which defines some global constants in terms of constructor calls.  I naively expected those to be resolved by the compiler; they are not.

Ms2ger also suggests MOZ_CONSTEXPR (see eg bug 968942) could be brought to bear on the problem.
Attached patch Probable fix (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This patch compiles on Linux-64 but I've not tested it more broadly, nor figured out how to show that it fixes the problem.
Argument that this thing works as it should: grepping the object files of a release build for symbols that represent variables whose values have to be constructed.

Without patch:

$ nm -A *.o | grep Membar
jsarray.o:0000000000000004 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
jsarray.o:0000000000000000 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
jsatom.o:0000000000000004 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
jsatom.o:0000000000000000 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
jsmath.o:0000000000000004 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
jsmath.o:0000000000000000 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Parser.o:0000000000000004 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Parser.o:0000000000000000 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
RegExp.o:0000000000000004 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
RegExp.o:0000000000000000 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src0.o:00000000000066dc b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src0.o:00000000000066d8 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src10.o:00000000000001c4 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src10.o:00000000000001c0 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src11.o:0000000000000080 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src11.o:000000000000007c b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src12.o:000000000000006c b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src12.o:0000000000000068 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src1.o:000000000000001c b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src1.o:0000000000000018 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src2.o:0000000000000004 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src2.o:0000000000000000 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src3.o:0000000000003a04 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src3.o:0000000000003a00 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src4.o:00000000000000d4 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src4.o:00000000000000d0 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src5.o:0000000000000004 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src5.o:0000000000000000 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src6.o:00000000000000ac b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src6.o:00000000000000a8 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src7.o:0000000000000084 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src7.o:0000000000000080 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src8.o:0000000000000010 b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src8.o:000000000000000c b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE
Unified_cpp_js_src9.o:000000000000001c b _ZN2js3jitL10MembarFullE
Unified_cpp_js_src9.o:0000000000000018 b _ZN2js3jitL15MembarAfterLoadE

With patch:

$ nm -A *.o | grep Membar
The try run is green except that some builds error out for unused functions, sigh:
Making the functions inline fixes the compile errors:
Mike, somebody suggested you'd be a person to know about this sort of thing (even though not a peer on the JS engine, I think).
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