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Seam sometimes visible between transform:scale elements and when the page is zoomed


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Attached file test-case.html
I can see 2 problems with the attached test-case:

1 - A thin white line is visible between the element and its ::before pseudo-element child.

This comes from the transform:scale(1.9) on the element itself. Removing the transform also removes the line.

Of course I can fix this by changing top:100%; to something like top:95% on the pseudo-element, but I guess this line shouldn't be there at all.

2 - Another white line, vertical this time, appears if you zoom in the page one level up. I'll attach a screenshot for this.

It seems to depend on how much you zoom in or out. The pseudo-element triangle sometimes gets split into 2 halves in the middle.
I originally thought 1 and 2 were related when filing the bug, but they might not be. Sorry if that's the case. I can file another bug if needed.
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