If you "get messages" during compact of inbox, messages are lost



18 years ago
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Windows ME

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18 years ago
I've put this as major as mail is destroyed.


1. If you access your mail and get a message "Do you wish to compact your
mailboxes" and select "yes"
2. While your mailbox is being compacted, click on "get messages"
3. You will see messages come down into inbox.
4. When compacting finishes the messages you just collected will be deleleted.

If you select "get messages" during compacting inbox, request is queued while
compacting is in progress, or alert box pops up to tell you that you cannot
collect mail until compaction has completed.

I guess that if you have filters in place that move incoming mail to folders,
then it would be possible to be in the middle of compacting a mailbox other than
inbox, collect mail into the inbox, but as a filter moves it into a folder that
is in the middle of being compacted. The filtered mail would then be lost.

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18 years ago
dup of some bug already fixed, I believe.
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18 years ago
Then its been regressed, as I've just done it on the latest nightly build
2001111503 built a few hours ago


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18 years ago
I just checked my debug build that is few days old but it behaves as 


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18 years ago
Can you check a build from today as per my report? 


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18 years ago
Just updated my win2k debug build, worksforme. I

In case when we are filtering messages to a folder that is being compacted, then 
we cannot write to the  folder, so we leave it inbox.
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18 years ago
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18 years ago
And what happens when you are collecting mail into your inbox when your inbox is
being compacted (which was the original report)?

With today's build the incoming mail was destroyed.

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18 years ago
I just used 2001-11-16-05 commerical build on win98.
I sent 4 messages from my default pop account. I deleted a few messages from my 
inbox and moved messsages from inbox to other folders.  I also have set up 
filter to local folder in this account.  I then exit and restarted the 
application. I have pref set to auto compact and the threshold is at 25kb.  
When I started mail I was prompted to compact my folder. I clicked ok. Then I 
was prompted to log into to my account with the password dlg. I was logged in 
successfully.  Then when it started compacting I did get a dlg that says the 
folder is being processed with ok button. I clicked on ok button.  Then I kept 
clicking on the get message button while the compaction was going on. Every time 
I was clicked on get msg button it displayed the folder being processed dlg and 
did not get the messages. After the compaction was over and I clicked on get 
message the messages were successfully retrieved. No corruption or loss of 
message. All this explanation that it Worksforme too. 

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18 years ago
As described it fails for me, latest nightly build (2001111503) on WinME. It may
"WorkForYou", but it "FailsForME"

Comment 9

18 years ago
Well, just tried with nov 19 commercial trunk: no problem with any data loss
when getting messages when folder compaction in progress -- no problem with
getting while inbox is being processed (message is received intact next Get Msg
after completion of compaction) or filter destination folder being compacted
while filter attempts to fire (the message is left in the inbox and is intact).

I'll let naving decide on the resolution of this bug.  

Comment 10

17 years ago
OK, I just tried this again with june5 branch build. I got the "folder busy"
dialog and kept using Get Msg and kept getting the dialog.  All incoming
messages were received in complete fashion after getting messages after the
compaction completed.  No problems seen.
Marking verified worksforme.

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