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mouse pointer settings in "edit preferences"


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I've used the Windows version for a while. Now I've moved to Linux/Gnome.
I liked the mouse pointer style in Windows, whereas in Linux there are some 
annoying things.

1. When hovering a link, it isn't the usual "hand" that appears. Instead, it's 
a smaller hand that points towards left. I want the Windows-styled hover 

2. When browsing through the dropdown menus (file, edit...) the mouse pointer 
changes so that it points towards up/right (as opposed to the system's pointer 
that points to up/left). In this case, I want the pointer to remain "up/left"

Hence, I would like to suggest that mouse pointer styles & behaviour could be 
edited in preferences.
Actually, those are both standard X pointers.

For the hand case, there is simply no other hand pointer on X (short of drawing
our own pointer as a bitmap or something, which is usually a bad idea).

The "up/right" pointer is the standard menu pointer on X.  I'm not completely
sure whether we can even change that or whether just setting a window to be a
menu automatically enforces that pointer.  If we _can_ change it (most likely we
can) I'm not sure we should.  That pointer denotes something very specific --
the menu has mouse focus and nothing else can take mouse focus without
dismissing the menu.

Just my $0.02.  Confirming, but I recommend wontfix.
Ever confirmed: true
OK. Too bad.
Couldn't it be changed from Gnome either? (I'm not saying YOU should do this, 
just wonderin...)
I was just thinkin this request might be able to address to some other party.
Well, you can always change which actual bitmaps are installed.  That would be
addressed to XFree86, I assume.
But every other Gnome program does not do this.
Try any program: Gimp, Gnumeric, Balsa...
None of them changes the mouse pointer's style when pulling down menus.
Only Mozilla and Netscape differs, by changing the mouse pointer arrow's
direction from leftwards to rightwards, as soon as pulling down a menu.
So how can it be a matter of abiding by X's configuration?
It looks more like you have set up this behaviour deliberately.
I think you should use the same behaviour as all other Gnome programs. It's more
convenient, less awkward.
hmm...  I see the same cursor in Gnumeric and Moz here.  anyway, like I said, I
have no strong feelings one way or another on this.
Would GTK2 be able to override X11 and make way for own mouse pointers (hand) 
as you do in MSWindows?
We are not going to add pointer settings to preferences.  Please do file bugs on
genuine issues, though.
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What does that mean? Are you saying there are issues within this bug that could
be valid in their own bugs?
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