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No neterror page or any feedback displayed if a search request times out


(Firefox :: Search, defect, P5)

34 Branch




(Reporter: FlorinMezei, Unassigned)


(Whiteboard: [fxsearch])

Reproducible with Firefox 34 Beta 11 - BuildID: 20141120192249

Environment: Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x86, Ubuntu 12.04 x86, Mac OS X 10.9.5

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open Firefox and open a new tab.
2. Set an offline search engine as default (did this while the Yahoo service was down... not sure how to reproduce this situation).
3. Type in a search term in the search bar and press enter.

Expected results:
The user should see the "Connecting" spinner in the tab, and then an error displayed on the page.

Actual results:
The user sees the "Connecting" spinner in the tab, but then the New Tab page remains displayed, without any error or feedback to the user that the search timed out.

Note that in this case, SearchSuggestionController.jsm throws an error in the Browser Console. See
Are you sure this is related to the new search UI? I don't see how it could possible be related. The SearchSuggestionController error should not be related.
[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: Affects 34, though it may not be related to the new UI changes. We may be uncovering new issues because of focusing on this area for testing for beta 11, though.
(In reply to Florin Mezei, QA (:FlorinMezei) from comment #0)

> Note that in this case, SearchSuggestionController.jsm throws an error in
> the Browser Console. See

The pastebin is only one line long, pasting it here to save future readers a click:

SearchSuggestionController: HTTP Timeout in SearchSuggestionController.jsm:331
After reviewing with Gavin, this is wontfix for 34. I have tracked for 35+. Note that this may not require tracking if this is a relatively old issue.
I think this is not a regression. Can this even be reproduce consistently?
No longer blocks: fx34-searchui
Flags: firefox-backlog? → firefox-backlog-
Priority: -- → P5
Whiteboard: [fxsearch]
Rank: 55
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