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Remove affiliate codes from default Google plugin in ku locale


(Mozilla Localizations :: ku / Kurdish, defect, P1)



(firefox34+ wontfix, firefox35- affected, firefox36- affected)

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firefox34 + wontfix
firefox35 - affected
firefox36 - affected


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Per expiration of the search agreement, the Google affiliate codes must be removed from any and all official builds. Note that Google plugins also exist in the JP and KU locales, and also need to be modified.
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Remove affliate codes from Google KU plugin

We should probably limit this to strictly the agreement-related parameter changes (and split the icon/name changes to some other bug).

Flod should probably advise on the mechanics for this.
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I just wanted to make it consistent with our default, which it wasn't before, and add the hl=en parameter. I can re-submit with just the changes to the agreement parameters if necessary, and I guess I kind of mangled the patch. I'll re-submit after dinner.
Mechanics: when we agree on a patch, I'll be glad to land it on all branches. 

Pending a question about sign-offs: current last sign-off for Kurdish is for fx28, I'm not sure if we're in shape to take an updated sign-off next cycle to just update the searchplugin (i.e. there might be errors in the localization that we don't want to push out).

And I think that we should try to clarify if we still need a Kurdish version of Google (originally bug 449112). Maybe it's not needed anymore and we can rely on the en-US version like other locales.
Or maybe just drop the codes and then figure it out in a follow-up.

Firefox 34 does not seem likely given the timeline (you can push the change to beta, but it needs a sign-off to get in the build).
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Remove affliate codes from Google KU plugin

Review of attachment 8527059 [details] [diff] [review]:

Having said that, the changes look sane compared to en-US from bug 1103216.
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I know that Jeff and I have been talking about stopping Kurdish for the lack of feedback, and updates.

Jeff, should we just stop shipping Kurdish now?
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Yes. After a couple of months worth of attempts to reach out to the current team and find replacememnt localizers, I've been unsuccessful. We should start the EOL with this next cycle.
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'k. flagging needinfo for Lawrence to remove Kurdish for 34+. We'll need more patches for this, filing more bugs.

We'll also need an update to bug 1098453.
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Given that we're going to take bug 1103991 in 34, I don't think there is a reason to land this change on Beta. We can land changes on 35+ if it is desirable to try to resurrect this locale at some point.
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No longer blocks: fx34
Not tracking for 35 since we've stopped builds.
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