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Move content/test/ into dom/


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Not sure why content/test/reftest/ got missed from bug 946065 work.  Let's move all these tests under layout/reftests/.
Moving all the bug*.html tests to layout/reftests/bugs/, dropping the "bug" prefix, and the odd-one-out optiontext.html to layout/reftests/html/select/.
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Why layout/? Those are DOM tests.
There's a bunch of tests under layout/reftests/ that aren't testing specific CSS features, but are testing the rendering of some other features (like DOM stuff).  I think unless we decide that reftests should be scattered about the tree like mochitests/xpcshell/etc. tests are, they should go under layout/reftests/.
I think I tend to lean on the side of having them be in dom/ rather than layout/ as well, although I could probably be convinced.
... but we should probably ask some DOM peers.
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I don't have strong feeling about this, but in general I prefer keeping the tests close to the code they are testing. So maybe moving from content/ to dom/ would be better.
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Part 1: Move content/tests/reftest/xml-stylesheet to layout/reftests/

ok, let's put these in dom instead (unless peterv says otherwise)
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Stealing this.
Assignee: cam → birunthan
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Summary: move content/test/reftest/ into layout/reftests/ → Move content/test/ into dom/
dom/base/test/ already contains a few DOMParser tests so moving these there.
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