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Selecting / Deselecting calendars also selects/deselects tasks (Lightning Add-On)


(Calendar :: General, enhancement)

Lightning 3.3
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Steps to reproduce:

Install the Lightning add-on, add a CalDAV calendar. Add a diary entry and add a task. Go to Calendar view, deselect calendar, go to Task view and Tasks have disappeared. Reverse is also true

Actual results:

Calendar items disappeared from view (correct), tasks from same calendar also disappear.

Expected results:

The Select list on the tasks tab should be different to the select list on the calendar tab. I should be able to filter out tasks from other calendars, and vice versa, without having to constantly change the select list.
Severity: normal → enhancement
Component: Untriaged → General
Product: Thunderbird → Calendar
Version: 31 → Lightning 3.3

I really do need this enhancement to make use of the tasks in Thunderbird.
I share several calendars with colleagues, but I do not want to see their tasks. I make frequent use of their calendars, so enabling and disabling them all the time makes no sense for me.
This fills the task overview so much I can't make use of it for my tasks. So I have to use calendar items or a separate list for my workflow....

Is there any workaround / add-on known?

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