Feature Proposal: Delete/File message and go to next/prev message



4 years ago
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4 years ago
Think of this like how Thunderbird or Outlook handle it.

Currently, when a user deletes or files a message, the Email app takes them back to the Inbox view.

I'd like to see an option for the Email app to instead display the next or previous message in these cases.

To me, this is a much smother workflow and makes much more sense, and it also saves much navigating about.


4 years ago
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Yes, we could definitely do more with workflow.  You might want to check out https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1102967#c4 and comment 5.  I think I went too off-topic there (and so maybe responding here is better), but it's a worthwhile discussion to have about what people would actually benefit from/etc.

(Aside: Your interest is definitely appreciated in improving the email app.  I know for a lot of these things the responses are "we can't do that for v2.2".  That's unfortunately an issue of engineering resource rather than of desire to improve!)
Summary: [v2.2] Feature Proposal: Delete/File message and go to next/prev message → Feature Proposal: Delete/File message and go to next/prev message

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4 years ago

My only desire in giving feedback is to try and help improve FireFoxOS and make it a more powerful and elegant platform to use. To that end, I hope and aim to give careful feedback and suggestions that would benefit the platform.

I'll keep trying to think of ways to improve the email app as I grow to use it more.

Unfortunately, due to its current workflow I find it a bit frustrating to use and oftentimes I prefer to wait until I reach my desktop to compose or reply emails.

I'd like to get this app to the point that I'd RATHER use it than my desktop email app. I believe that is both possible, and a worthy goal :)

Should I Need Info you as well as FXOSUX going forward for all Email app suggestions?
The engineers on the email app all watch the component so we should see all bug traffic regardless of needinfo.  We tend to also help triage/dupe requests and try to stay aware of existing bugs for when product/UX are discussing new features.  So no real need to needinfo me; if I have immediate thoughts I'll file them, otherwise when the bug is under consideration/being worked I'll show up and say stuff.  (This is the case for most enhancement requests where unless someone is volunteering to implement the enhancement and tests it's frequently premature to discuss UX or implementation since everything is likely to change by the time someone is available to implement things.)
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4 years ago
Bulk editing these for tracking to consider for a release with greater UX changes, and to clear the queue. These are not in scope for 2.2 but are marked for 2.3 planning tracking.
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4 years ago
Removing ni? flag to clear the queue for 2.2 release issues. Bug is marked for later tracking.
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See Also: → bug 1178351

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11 months ago
Firefox OS is not being worked on
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