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implement about:support section in generic feedback form


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(Whiteboard: u=user c=feedback p=2 s=input.2014q4)

We need to write the code that asks the user for consent and then captures the about:support data to send to Input on submission.

This bug covers that.


1. add section to the details part of the generic feedback form asking the user to check the box if they consent to having their about:support data sent to Input along with their feedback and that this information is private

2. add some JS to parse the about:support data and put it in a form that's appropriate for submission to Input

3. implement the code in the feedback handling view to capture the about:support data and put it in the db

4. tests

5. smoke tests
For item 1, we need to get any text approved by Matej.

For item 3, because the api is whitelisted, we might have difficulties testing it in non-live environments.

Further, we have to wait to do this until we land the new generic feedback form which is bug #1099138.
Depends on: 1099138
Need to rip out the old generic form code before we can work on this.
Depends on: 1105512
I ripped out the old generic form code just now. It's just blocked on landing the models (bug #1104934).

I was thinking the text could be something like this:

    (Optional) Check here to include your browser data
    which will help us understand the problem. This data
    will be kept private.

It needs word-smithing and approval from Matej.
Depends on: 1104934
Matt suggests:

    Sad "(Optional) Check here to provide technical information about your browser. This will help us diagnose problems more quickly. This data will be kept private."

    Happy "(Optional) Check here to provide technical information about your browser. This information helps us better understand our users and create better products. This data will be kept private.
In a PR:

I also sent Matej an email asking for thoughts on the text.
Got the +1 from Matej via email. So we're all set in that department.
Great news! This is going to be a huge win for us and our users. Looking forward to getting this landed.
Assignee: nobody → willkg
Whiteboard: u=user c=feedback p= s=input.2014q4 → u=user c=feedback p=2 s=input.2014q4
Landed in master in:

I'll push this on Monday.

Then we'll flick the switch so that en-US users see it and see how it goes. If we have problems, we can flick the switch back and then assess. Which reminds me we need a way to see how many people are opting in and how many are not.

After this is closed, we'll need a bug for making it universally available (i.e. not en-US only) which will block on a strings sync with Verbatim and translations being complete and in production.

Unfortunately, we don't have infrastructure for turning it on locale-by-locale. If we find ourselves in this situation often, then we should build that so we can roll things out more granularly.
Depends on: 1111265
No longer depends on: 1111265
Pushed this to production, verified it's working and flipped the feedbackdev flag to "Everyone=True" so everyone can see it now.

I'm watching it in graphite now. One thing I just realized is that "optout" is split between "browser doesn't support it" and "user actually opted out". I should rename that to something more accurate.

Will close this later if things continue to look ok.
I saw an optin and an optout go by. I think everything is looking good so far. Marking as FIXED.
Closed: 8 years ago
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